2021 U.S. Online Collegiate
Rapid and Blitz Championships

Saturday-Sunday, September 25-26
Online: https://collegiate.chess.stream/

Joining Zoom with camera is required for this tournament
Zoom link will be here during the tournament:



WARNING: This is not Lichess Swiss Tournament where you wait in Lichess to be put on a table. This is like offline tournament where you check the pairing, go to your table and play with your opponent. Here we just do it virtually.

This is a tournament where pairing is in different website (this is the website) and the pairing will look like this:

Bd White Lichess Name Black Lichess Name Lichess Board
1. Jake Baugh (1229) JBaughChess RJ Raynoe (1440) ChessStream1 Click Here To Start
2. Craig Jones (2215) DAChess Chacha Nugroho (1758) ChessStream3 Click Here To Start
3. Jon Doe (1820) ChessStream2 Jane Doe (1758) ChessStream4 (start manual) *
  Sanya Raynoe (750) BYE. Please wait.


At the round start time, find your board and "Click Here to Start". You must be logged into the same lichess account that you registered with.